How many months does it take to receive Japanese pension refund?

By | 01/09/2022

3-4 months at minimum but possibly longer

You can submit claiming papers of your Japanese lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) to Japan Pension Service (日本年金機構) just after you delete your Japanese address.
For topics about how to delete your Japanese address please see this article of our blog.

After Japan Pension Service receive your claiming papers, they start the examination of whether and how much you can receive lump-sum pension refund. The period of the examination is not decided by the law, but normally it takes around 3-4 months in minimum. This examination period sometimes can get longer with no special reason, though.

Holders of Japanese Permanent Resicency (PR) have more strict conditions to receive lump-sum pension refund.
The examination period for them has a tendency to get longer than non-PR-holders. As a result it is possible that you need longer time to receive your lump-sum pension refund if you have (had) PR.

If you have defect in claiming papers then longer months will be needed

If you claim your lump-sum pension refund with some defect in claiming papers, then Japan Pension Service will send them back to your oversea address you report. An official agent (like YouAT LLC) can receive them on behalf of you in Japan.

If claiming papers are sent back, then you have to re-submit them with corrected papers. In this case another 3 to 4 months at minimum will take to get your lump-sum pension refund paid.

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