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Is it true that Nenkin Techo (Pension Handbook) is abolished?

From April 2022 Nenkin Techo is no more issued and JPS issues its alternative Japan Pension Service (JPS) had issued Nenkin Techo (年金手帳, Pension Handbook) to every member of Japanese pension systems, Kokumin Nenkin and Kosei Nenkin. However, from 2022 they don’t issue Nenkin Techo anymore, and instead they issue Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho (基礎年金番号通知書),… Read More »

How many months does it take to receive Japanese pension refund?

3-4 months at minimum but possibly longer You can submit claiming papers of your Japanese lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) to Japan Pension Service (日本年金機構) just after you delete your Japanese address. For topics about how to delete your Japanese address please see this article of our blog. After Japan Pension Service receive your… Read More »

Can family members claim their deceased person’s pension refund?

Only persons who are alive can claim their pension refund Japanese pension refunds (lump-sum withdrawal payments) can be claimed by contributors themselves only. If a contributor passes away after he/she leaves Japan, then his /her family members have no qualification to claim the deceased contributor’s pension refund. But if a deceased person has a qualification… Read More »

Can you receive your pension refund by a favorable currency?

Each country has a designated currency for international transfer, that cannot be changed Japanese pension refunds (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) are transferred internationally via Mitsubishi UFJ bank on behalf of the government. Each country has a designated currency for transfers from Japan, that cannot be changed. The relationship between country and transferring currency is shown on… Read More »

How to claim lump-sum pension refunds for “Kyosai”?

No difference between normal pensions and Kyosai for conditions to receive lump-sum withdrawal payments Japanese pension has different systems for pensions of public servants and staff in schools. They are called “Kyosai (共済)” in total, that means “mutual aid”: System’s name English translation Who are registered The office responsible for 国家公務員共済組合 Federation of National Public… Read More »

Can dependent spouses claim lump-sum pension refund?

Category III insured persons All residents in Japan over age 20 are required to get enrolled in Japanese pensions. Kosei Nenkin (厚生年金, Employees’ pension insurance) is for persons who are employed by companies, and Kokumin Nenkin (国民年金, National pension) is for persons other than them. It is the basic rule that persons in Kokumin Nenkin… Read More »

I had stayed in Japan after expiration of visa. Can I claim pension refund? From when to when?

Examples of overstaying after expiration of visa You need to acquire a Japanese visa in order to stay and reside in Japan for a long period. Japanese government issues a Residence Card (在留カード) to each of visa holders. On the Residence Card you can see the date of expiration of the visa. However, there are… Read More »

Why need submitting Moving-out Notification to claim lump-sum pension refund?

You need to delete Japanese address to claim your lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) According to the Claim Form of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments, one of the requirements is “You don’t have an address in Japan”. You will lose an address in Japan through either of the following three: (1) Expiration of Japanese visa (2)… Read More »

Japanese health insurances have no lump-sum refund?

Japanese health insurance system and ‘Gensen Choshu’ All Japanese residents need to get registered in one of public health insurances, along with public pensions. Japanese health insurance system is divided in, like public pension system, two parts -one for employees only and another for all the other residents. Employee Health Insurance (健康保険[Kenko Hoken]) : for… Read More »