Why need submitting Moving-out Notification to claim lump-sum pension refund?

By | 21/09/2021

You need to delete Japanese address to claim your lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments)

According to the Claim Form of Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments, one of the requirements is “You don’t have an address in Japan”. You will lose an address in Japan through either of the following three:

  • (1) Expiration of Japanese visa
  • (2) Ending a re-entry permit period and not returning Japan
  • (3) Submitting Moving-out Notification

(1) and (2) will delete your Japanese address by the municipal office without taking any actions from your side. You can declare to surrender your re-entry permit at a Japanese airport when you leave Japan. The airport office will put a punch hole on your Residence Card (Zairu Card, 在留カード) as a proof of the nullification of your Japanese address, that enables you to claim your lump-sum pension refund.

The case you need to submit Moving-out Notification to claim your lump-sum pension refund

However, what sould you do if you need to keep your re-entry permit for the future return to and re-residing in Japan?

In that case you must submit Moving-out Notification (Tenshutsu Todoke, 転出届) to the municipal office where you have an address just before you leave Japan. This is the case of the above (3).

You can submit Moving-out Notification around 1 to 2 weeks before the due date to leave Japan. Please fill out the form with due departure date and the country name to move in. After the municipal office accepts Moving-out Notification they will delete your Japanese address. When you resume to live in Japan in the future, please submit Moving-in Notification (Tennyu Todoke, 転入届) to the municipal office at your new Japanese address.

If you leave Japan without submitting Moving-out Notification, then the municipal office will leave your Japanese address undeleted for the time being, that will prevent you from claiming a lump-sum pension refund (*).

(*) If you leave Japan without Moving-out Notification, then it is possible that your Japanese address is left undeleted by the date of expiration of your visa / re-entry permit. However, the municipal office might delete your Japanese address earlier because they find the fact that another person starts residing in your Japanese address so you don’t live there anymore.

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