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Can Lump-sum pension refund get received by Japanese Yen?

You can designate oversea bank account of almost all countries to receive Japanese lump-sum pension refund To receive your lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments), you can designate any of your bank accounts in almost all countries: But you need to designate an account whose holder is, at least one of them, yourself. You cannot… Read More »

What is the difference of Lump-sum Pension Refund between Kokumin Nenkin and Kosei Nenkin?

The amount of Kosei Nenkin’s lump-sum pension refund varies much compared with that of Kokumin Nenkin You can claim a lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) if you clear the following conditions: You don’t have Japanese citizenship You contribute Japanese pensions for more than 6 months You are covered by Japanese pensions for less than… Read More »

How will pension systems change with 2025’s reforms?

2025’s pension systems reforms Every 5 years Japanese government reforms its pension systems in accordance with developments of its society and economy. The next reforms will come in year 2025. Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (厚生労働省) has already submitted its own 2025 reforms plan. It will be discussed at Japanese Diets (国会) throughout year… Read More »

By when do you need to claim Japanese pension refunds?

You need to claim your pension refund within 2 years after losing Japanese address Non-Japanese persons are permitted to claim their pension refunds (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) within 2 years after “you do not have an address in Japan”. In Japanese resident registration system all residents who are going to move out of Japan shall submit… Read More »