Is it true that Nenkin Techo (Pension Handbook) is abolished?

By | 01/11/2022

From April 2022 Nenkin Techo is no more issued and JPS issues its alternative

Japan Pension Service (JPS) had issued Nenkin Techo (年金手帳, Pension Handbook) to every member of Japanese pension systems, Kokumin Nenkin and Kosei Nenkin.
However, from 2022 they don’t issue Nenkin Techo anymore, and instead they issue Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho (基礎年金番号通知書), meaning “Notice of Basic Pension Number”, to members of Japanese pension systems.

Image of Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho (from website of JPS)

Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho is a card smaller than Nenkin Techo, whose size is like (Japanese) Driver’s License Card. It shows essential data of each pension member such as Basic Pension Number, registered name and date of birth.

For non-Japanese who start residing in Japan from April 2022 and after, with or without being employed, JPS only issue Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho. Non-Japanese who have already resided in Japan since before April 2022 can continue using their old Nenkin Techo, though.

Please be sure to keep your Kiso Nenkin Bango Techo in order to know your Basic Pension Number. For the reason why you need to know your Basic Pension Number, please see this article of our blog.

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4 thoughts on “Is it true that Nenkin Techo (Pension Handbook) is abolished?

  1. Hiroshi Tanaka

    Can i ask for new pension book? Because i lost my fist book.

    1. youat Post author

      Now pension book (Nenkin Techo) is no more issued and instead Japan Pension Service issues “Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho”.
      Please see :

      If you are in Japan then you can ask its issue at a local pension office (Nenkin Jimusho).
      But as long as you have the record of your “Basic Pension Number” then you don’t necessarily have to have pension book / “Kiso Nenkin Bango Tsuchisho” anew, because they are only a note to remember your “Basic Pension Number”.

  2. Faris

    Can i get detailed payment for kokumin nenkin, hokensho, and kosei nenkin. How much i will have to pay if i was employee.

    1. youat Post author

      Please see Gensen Choshu-hyo (源泉徴収票) issued by the employer. On it you can see the annual sum of your withheld “社会保険料”, Japanese national social security payments – pension, health care etc. Or on your payslips you must find monthly withheld “社会保険料”.


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