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What is ‘Kyuyo Shotoku Kojo’ (tax exemption for salary income)? Will it change in the future?

About Kyuyo Shotoku Kojo Kyuyo Shotoku Kojo (給与所得控除) is a tax exemption set for Japanese employees’ salary and bonus, that is permitted in both national and residence tax. According to the amount of salary and bonus that an employee earns through one year, a certain percentage of the annual income is exempted. The income after… Read More »

How to refund your medical payments?

Use “Self-pay Limit “system If you get a surgery and/or long hospitalization that costs expensive medical payments, you can apply for “Self-pay Limit” system (高額医療費制度). “Self-pay Limit” system will pay back a considerable part of your payments afterwards. For details of the system please see the following link: Self-pay Limit (Japan Health Insurance Association, External… Read More »