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How to refund your medical payments?

Use “Self-pay Limit “system If you get a surgery and/or long hospitalization that costs expensive medical payments, you can apply for “Self-pay Limit” system (高額医療費制度). “Self-pay Limit” system will pay back a considerable part of your payments afterwards. For details of the system please see the following link: Self-pay Limit (Japan Health Insurance Association, External… Read More »

What is ‘Hikyojusha (Non-resident)’? Can’t claim income tax refunds?

Hikyojusha cannot claim a refund of withheld income tax basically We have received a lot of queries from non-Japanese customers who were employed by Japanese companies before. Of them there are queries about income tax refunds of “Hikyojusha (非居住者)”, whose literal translation is “Non-resident”. Some customers show us a sheet of payments for Hikyojusha, and… Read More »

Japanese Resident Tax – What percentage of income? Can’t get refunded?

Japanese Resident Tax – What percentage of income? In Japan there are two kinds of taxes for a personal income – (national) income tax (所得税, Shotoku-zei) and resident tax (住民税, Jumin-zei. also translated as inhabitant tax). Japanese residents pay resident taxes to two levels of local communities – one to prefectures (都道府県, Todofuken) and another… Read More »