Can Lump-sum pension refund get received by Japanese Yen?

By | 01/05/2024

You can designate oversea bank account of almost all countries to receive Japanese lump-sum pension refund

To receive your lump-sum pension refund (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments), you can designate any of your bank accounts in almost all countries:

  • But you need to designate an account whose holder is, at least one of them, yourself. You cannot designate any accounts whose holder does not include yourself, even if if is your partner or your family member.
  • Account holder’s name needs to be the same as your name on your passport. If it is not the same because you changed your name, then you need to submit a public certificate to verify you changed your name. (Example: a certificate issued by national or local government, a document issued by a notary)
  • You need to designate an account that can receive an international money transfer.
  • You cannot designate a currency to receive. Any international transfers of lump-sum pension refunds are done by one of international currencies, that is designated country by country. The relationship between countries and designated international currencies are shown in this PDF file (see the list of Page 13).
  • For some countries you cannot designate their bank accounts. See Page 13 of this PDF file, and if you find “Japanese Yen / 日本円” in the list, then you are not permitted to designate these countries’ accounts (all accounts or almost all but some banks).

You can designate a Japanese account and you can receive your lump-sum pension refund by Japanese Yen

The amount of your lump-sum pension refund is decided by Japanese Yen. When it is transferred to an oversea account, it is exchanged to an international currency, whose rate is set at the date of transfer.

However, you can receive it by Japanese Yen through designating a Japanese bank account of you on the claim form. To do so, there are some conditions to clear:

  • You need an account with Katakana (カタカナ) name of yourself.
  • Your Katakana name needs to be the one that is transcribed according to the name on your passport. Please note that there are some different ways to transcribe your name from Romanized to Katakana.

    (Example) 「ダ シルバ」「ダ シウバ」etc. for “Da Silva”. 「ジョーンズ」「ジョウンズ」etc. for “Jones”.

  • You cannot designate an account of your name registered by only Roman letters or Kanji, even if it is Japanese bank’s account. It needs to have your Katakana name too.
  • You cannot designate an account of Yucho Bank (ゆうちょ銀行).

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