Do you need to prepare Gensen Choshu-hyo for claiming tax refund?

By | 01/02/2023

Gensen Choshu-hyo is not required submitting to Japanese tax office

By year 2018 applicants of Japanese tax returns needed to submit Gensen Choshu-hyo (源泉徴収票) to a tax office. To claim tax refunds you were also required to submit Gensen Choshu-hyo of claiming years.
For details of Japanese tax returns (tax refunds) and Gensen Choshu-hyo, please see this article in our blog.

However, from year 2019 Japaense tax office no more requires applicants of tax returns to submit Gensen Choshu-hyo. This is because of the introduction of “My Number” (マイナンバー), that is alloted to every resident in Japan, through that Japanese tax office can get information of Japanese employees’ salary and bonus directly. So you don’t have to submit Gensen Choshu-hyo to Japanese tax office anymore in order to claim your tax refund (*).

(*) Instead now you need to submit a copy of your “My Number” card / or register its digital image on e-Tax website. If you lose “My Number” card then you need to submit a copy to verify yourself such as passport or Zairyu Card (在留カード, Residence Card).

But you need to keep Gensen Choshu-hyo to claim tax returns by yourself

But when you submit tax return (tax refund) forms to Japanese tax office, you need to have information about (1) the amount of your salary (2) deducted social security contribution (3) tax exemptions such as dependent exemption, and (4) the amount of income tax. You need to fill these data on the tax return forms, and you can get them on your Gensen Choshu-hyo.
So you need to keep your Gensen Choshuhyo, at least their copy, in order to get data necessary to fill tax return forms.

Please pass a copy of your Gensen Choshu-hyo to your tax agent when you make him/her submit a tax return (tax refund), whose data are necessary to fill tax return forms.
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