What kind of documents are valid to verify your bank account?

By | 01/06/2023

Documents to verify applicant’s bank account to claim Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments or old age pensions

To claim (1) pension’s Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments or (2) old age pensions you need to submit a claim form with information of the bank account to receive payments. With the claim form you need to attach a document to verify your bank account.
And when you change the bank account to receive old age pensions, you also need to submit either this form (for Japanese bank account, “年金受給者受取機関変更届”) or this form (for bank account outside Japan, “年金の支払を受ける者に関する事項”). With them you need to attach a document to verify the new bank account.

A document to verify your bank account needs to clear the following conditions:

  • Full information of (1) account holder’s name and (2) account number needs to be shown on it. If account holder’s name is different than the name on the applicant’s passport, then it is possible that you are required to add another public document to verify the two is the same person. To say more you need to show the full account number on the document. If you submit a partly hidden account then it will be rejected.
  • You need to submit a document that is issued and/or proved by the designated bank institution. Examples of valid documents are (1) copy of bankbook (2) copy of a cheque (3) copy of a bank statement to prove the account information (4) copy of the online page of the bank, that shows your own bank account information clearly, and so on.
    A handwritten note without any verifications by the bank won’t get not accepted. A receipt from an ATM is also not recommended.

Invalid oversea bank accounts

You cannot designate a bank account in some counties in order to receive Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments or old age pensions.
The following link shows the list of countries and currencies to transfer. If you see “Japanese Yen” at the right column of the list, then transfers to any bank accounts in the left side of the countries are being prohibited now. To receive Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments or old age pensions in these countries alternative ways should be taken. If you need to do it, please ask the way at a local pension office of Japan.

Invalid Japanese bank accounts (for Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments)

To receive Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments at a Japanese bank account, you cannot designate the following ones:

  • Yusho Bank (ゆうちょ銀行), and
  • some of internet-only banks (not all, though)

Add to that you need to designate a Japanese bank account that has your Katakana (カタカナ) name as its holder. For details please see this article of our blog.

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