Can family members claim their deceased person’s pension refund?

By | 01/06/2022

Only persons who are alive can claim their pension refund

Japanese pension refunds (lump-sum withdrawal payments) can be claimed by contributors themselves only. If a contributor passes away after he/she leaves Japan, then his /her family members have no qualification to claim the deceased contributor’s pension refund.

But if a deceased person has a qualification to claim his/her old age pension (after age 65 if he/she were alive), then one of his/her family members can claim survivor’s pension (遺族年金, Izoku Nenkin) under the condition that the surviving member had been a dependent of the deceased one.
On the other hand if a contributor passes away while living and working in Japan, the under some conditions one of his /her family members can also claim a survivor’s pension.
Details are explained in the website of Japan Pension Service, whose link is shown below (Japanese language).

The case in that family members can claim deceased person’s unpaid pension refund

If (1) a contributor claims his/her pension refund after leaving Japan and it has already been permitted to pay, but (2) he/she is dead before receiving it and his /her bank account is closed, then his/her surviving family members can claim receiving it on behalf of him/her.
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