You need submitting a form every year to receive Japanese old age pension?

By | 01/07/2022

You don’t need to submit a form while you reside in Japan

If you have got a qualification of Japanese old age pension, then you can receive it, basically, at age 65 and after.
You apply it to Japan Pension Service (日本年金機構, JPS), and after JPS accepts your application they will transfer it once in 2 months to the bank account you designate on the claim form.
To continue transferring your old age pension, JPS needs to keep confirming (1) you are still alive and (2) where you reside. But JPS can confirm them through the data of Basic Resident Register (住民基本台帳 [Jumin Kihon Daicho] in Japanese) as long as you reside in Japan.
So you don’t have to submit a report for them while you reside in Japan.

You need submit Genkyo Todoke while you reside outside Japan

However, you need to submit a form called Genkyo Todoke (現況届, meaning “report of my present status”) every year while you reside outside Japan.
You have to submit Genkyo Todoke to JPS every year by your birthday.
With it you also need to submit a certificate to prove you are alive and where you reside, such as:

  • A public certificate issued by central/local government where you reside
  • A certificate issued by a local notary

You need to submit this certificate to JPS every year, and that shall be issued back to within 6 months from your birthday.

If you forget submitting Genkyo Todoke and the certificate, then JPS will stop paying your old age pension by the time when they receive a form and certificate anew.
So please don’t forget submitting them while you reside outside Japan.
On the other hand you can claim lump-sum withdrawal payments if you pay Japanese pension for a short period (less than 10 years), that you can claim just after you leave Japan.

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