What is “Kaigo Hoken”? Non-Japanese need to pay contribution?

By | 01/04/2023

About Kaigo Hoken

Kaigo Hoken (介護保険, “Long-Term Care Insurance System” in English) is one of Japanese social security systems, that covers persons who need an elderly care (age 65 and over) as well as persons who need a care due to disability / disease (age 40 to 64). Kaigo Hoken pays a large part of their care costs on demand.

All Japanese residents over age 40 need to pay a contribution for Kaigo Hoken every month. After age 40 there is no exemption of the contribution for lifetime. Employees are deducted Kaigo Hoken from their salaries and remunerations along with health insurance’s contributions. Persons who pay health insurance’s contributions by themselves need to add Kaigo Hoken to it. Persons who receive old age pension are also deducted their contributions of Kaigo Hoken before they receive payment.

Non-Japanese also pay Kaigo Hoken, no lump-sum withdrawal payment for it

Non-Japanese residents who reside in Japan for 3 months or over are also obliged to pay Kaigo Hoken.
Like Japanese health insurances, there is no lump-sum withdrawal payment for Kaigo Hoken.

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