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Can you receive your pension refund by a favorable currency?

Each country has a designated currency for international transfer, that cannot be changed Japanese pension refunds (Lump-sum Withdrawal Payments) are transferred internationally via Mitsubishi UFJ bank on behalf of the government. Each country has a designated currency for transfers from Japan, that cannot be changed. The relationship between country and transferring currency is shown on… Read More »

How to refund your medical payments?

Use “Self-pay Limit “system If you get a surgery and/or long hospitalization that costs expensive medical payments, you can apply for “Self-pay Limit” system (高額医療費制度). “Self-pay Limit” system will pay back a considerable part of your payments afterwards. For details of the system please see the following link: Self-pay Limit (Japan Health Insurance Association, External… Read More »

How to claim lump-sum pension refunds for “Kyosai”?

No difference between normal pensions and Kyosai for conditions to receive lump-sum withdrawal payments Japanese pension has different systems for pensions of public servants and staff in schools. They are called “Kyosai (共済)” in total, that means “mutual aid”: System’s name English translation Who are registered The office responsible for 国家公務員共済組合 Federation of National Public… Read More »

What is “Standard Remuneration”?

How the amount of Kosei Nenkin is decided Japan provides residents with two kinds of pensions – “Kokumin Nenkin” (国民年金, National Pension) and “Kosei Nenkin” (厚生年金, Employees’ Pension Insurance). Employees hired by employers are registered in Kosei Nenkin. All the other residents are registered in Kokumin Nenkin. For details of the two systems please see… Read More »

Is Japan’s Pension Handbook necessary to hold?

Basic Pension Number and Pension Handbook Basic Pension Number (基礎年金番号 [Kiso Nenkin Bango] in Japanese) is the ID number allocated to each of members in Japanese pensions – Nationa Pension (Kokumin Nenkin) and Employees’ pension insurance (Kokumin Nenkin). Data of all members are being electrically recorded with this number. Pension Handbook (年金手帳 [Nenkin Techo] in… Read More »

Can dependent spouses claim lump-sum pension refund?

Category III insured persons All residents in Japan over age 20 are required to get enrolled in Japanese pensions. Kosei Nenkin (厚生年金, Employees’ pension insurance) is for persons who are employed by companies, and Kokumin Nenkin (国民年金, National pension) is for persons other than them. It is the basic rule that persons in Kokumin Nenkin… Read More »

I had stayed in Japan after expiration of visa. Can I claim pension refund? From when to when?

Examples of overstaying after expiration of visa You need to acquire a Japanese visa in order to stay and reside in Japan for a long period. Japanese government issues a Residence Card (在留カード) to each of visa holders. On the Residence Card you can see the date of expiration of the visa. However, there are… Read More »