Is Japan’s Pension Handbook necessary to hold?

By | 01/01/2022

Basic Pension Number and Pension Handbook

Basic Pension Number (基礎年金番号 [Kiso Nenkin Bango] in Japanese) is the ID number allocated to each of members in Japanese pensions – Nationa Pension (Kokumin Nenkin) and Employees’ pension insurance (Kokumin Nenkin). Data of all members are being electrically recorded with this number.

Pension Handbook (年金手帳 [Nenkin Techo] in Japanese) is issued to each of members in Japanese pensions (see image). On it you can see your own Basic Pension Number. To know your Basic Pension Number you only check your Pension Handbook.

When you claim your pension payments such as old age pensions or lump-sum withdrawal payments, you need to fill your Basic Pension Number on claim forms. If you don’t know your Basic Pension Number then it might happen that the claiming period gets very long or, in the worst case, Japan Pension Service sends back your claim form and requests you to submit additional documents such as the record of your employment and residence. After you are out of Japan you will have a difficulty to submit them.

So we recommend you to keep your Pension Handbook or at least take a copy of its Basic Pension Number. If you have lost it then you can request a re-issue to a Pension Office (年金事務所 [Nenkin Jimusho] in Japanese), that you can find in every major city of Japan.

You cannot find Basic Pension Number on “Nenkin Teiki-bin”

Japan Pension Service send a postcard-sized letter called “Nenkin Teiki-bin (ねんきん定期便)” to every member of Japanese pensions, once in every year (see image). Nenkin Teiki-bin tells you the history of the period and the amount you have contributed to Japanese pensions.

However, you cannot find your Basic Pension Number on Nenkin Teiki-bin. You need to find it on your Pension Handbook.

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