Back to how many years are income tax refunds OK?

By | 24/08/2021

List: Japanese tax years whose refunds you can claim

You might notice, years after you left Japan, that you should have claimed income tax refunds for salaries you had received in Japan.

This is the list of years whose tax refunds Japanese tax office accepts:

Year Tax refunds are accepted Gengonen (元号年)
2021 from 2016 to 2020 平成28年, 平成29年, 平成30年,
平成31年=令和元年, 令和2年
2022 from 2017 to 2021 平成29年, 平成30年, 平成31年=令和元年,
令和2年, 令和3年
2023 from 2018 to 2022 平成30年, 平成31年=令和元年, 令和2年,
令和3年, 令和4年
2024 from 2019 to 2023 平成31年=令和元年, 令和2年, 令和3年,
令和4年, 令和5年

You can claim Japanese income tax refunds back to 5 years

You need to submit Gensen Choshu-hyo (源泉徴収票) of each year in order to claim tax refunds. Gensen Choshu-hyo are issued by employers that prove the amounts of withheld taxes. On them you can see Gengonen (元号年), Japanese traditional year, that are shown in the above list. You can claim past 5 year’s tax refunds with Gensen Choshu-hyo that have one of 5 year’s Gengonen on them.

[Note] Year 2019 has double Gengonen, 平成31年 and 令和元年.

If you are now out of Japan then you can claim your past income tax refunds using a tax agent (納税管理人) in Japan, whom you can desginate in Japan in order to execute your tax refunds.

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