Is Japan’s Pension Handbook necessary?

Basic Pension Number and Pension Handbook Basic Pension Number (基礎年金番号 [Kiso Nenkin Bango] in Japanese) is the ID number allocated to each of members in Japanese pensions – Nationa Pension (Kokumin Nenkin) and Employees’ pension insurance (Kokumin Nenkin). Data of all members are being electrically recorded with this number. Pension Handbook (年金手帳 [Nenkin Techo] in… Read More »

Need to pay Japanese pension after age 60? Is it OK to claim lump-sum pension refund after age 60?

Kosei Nenkin has maximum contribution age at 70 There are two kinds of Japanese pensions in its system – “Kokumin Nenkin” (国民年金, National Pension) and “Kosei Nenkin” (厚生年金, Employees’ Pension Insurance). Who contributes How to contribute Maximum age to contribute Kokumin Nenkin All the residents other than employees Residents pay by themselves Age 60 Kosei… Read More »